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Urban RIP Candlestick Egg-Urns were designed to share the cremains of your loved ones. We support Scattering Memorials and sharing cremated ashes among family and friends to keep the memory of your loved ones close and protected in your home.

Our debut collection: Keepsake Candlesicks

Dedicated to baby Athan, his life had meaning and beauty, and his absence inspired the gift of hope, healing and love.

UrbanRIP defines the importance of craftsmanship and creates products to protect the integrity of the cremated remains of your loved ones. Our products respect tradition and provide modern alternatives to classic urns. Our designs are inspired by a classic modern style and seamlessly integrate within your home environment.

Why the Candlestick?

A burning light brings comfort and warmth to the memory of our loved one, on special occasions and every day. Candlesticks have a natural place in our everyday life when we share, celebrate, or grieve, either in privacy or together as a family.

Available in a set of 2 or 3

Why the Egg-Urn?

The urn is designed in the shape of an egg because of its universal appeal. The idea that the universe was born from an egg is shared by nearly all ancient civilizations. An egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope.

Available as a single or double Egg-Urn

Product Quality

UrbanRIP products are handcrafted in Toronto by Canadian artisans using solid bars of U.S. steel. The Candlestick Egg-Urns are polished by hand, and flawless colour is always achieved, because we never cut corners. Each Candlestick Egg-Urn goes through five quality-control stations. In the final steps, while wearing white gloves, we place the the Egg-Urns and Candlesticks into a custom-fit container — to ensure a safe journey to your home.

A tight seal

...to protect

Each Egg-Urn holds 8 tsps of cremains.
A set of two Candlesticks with single Egg-Urns will hold 8 tsps in each urn

A place to personalize

...to reflect

Each Candlestick comes with its own double-sided metal nameplate, which can be personalized and placed on the bottom of each Candlestick.

Modular design

...to keep, connect and share

Our designs are simple and intended to keep your family heritage in your home; dividing cremains may support “peace within the family.”

“When our loved ones pass, we can’t erase the reflection and recollections of the life they lived.
May their memories be so bright, they illuminate our hearts with their light.”