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It’s important to us to provide you with choices: selecting an urn to protect the cremated ashes of your loved one is a very personal choice. Urban RIP provides you with a design-your-own service, offering you a choice between a pre-selected variety of finishes and colour options. Our Candlestick Egg-Urns can also be shared among close family and friends.

How it works

Three steps to build Candlestick Egg-Urns that you will love

Step 1: Select your Candlestick set and finish.

Choose from a set of two or three.

We offer two finish options.

Step 2: Select your
Egg-Urn option.

Choose from a single
or double Egg-Urn.

Step 3: Choose your
Egg-Urn colour options.

We offer
five colour options.

your design.

Approve your selections
and place your order.

Need some help to visualize?

View our Design Gallery for inspiration

Watch our videos to help visualize