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Urban RIP cremation sharing urns have a patent-pending modular design, ensuring versatility for personalization so each creation is unique to you – by adding or removing certain components of the Candlestick Egg-Urn Set.

Stackable components

Egg-Urns are designed to be stackable and can be purchased individually so you may add-on to your original set at any time.

Original Purchase

Set of 2 with a single Egg-Urn
Egg-Urns: Black Onyx and Art Deco Blue

Adding to Your Original Set

Purchase of 2 additional single
Egg-Urns: Black Onyx and Art Deco Blue

Add 2 Egg-Urns

Our ash sharing Egg-Urns
are stackable and allow for the option to create a double urn.

New Configuration

...to keep, connect and share

We don’t recommend stacking more than two Egg-Urns in one configuration.

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