Medium: Ash Sharing Cremation Candlestick Egg-Urn in Polished Sliver Finish, Urn Colour: Polished Silver Finish

1 Candlestick with 1 Egg-Urn Polished silver Candlestick finish, Cremation Egg-urn Polished silver colour.
Finish may appear darker or lighted in your home, depending on your lighting.

A new cremation urn option for families that choose cremation and wish to share their loved one’s ashes; a discreet urn option, the Candlestick Egg Urn, for ash-sharing that fits seamlessly within a home’s décor.
Price: $470.00

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Ash sharing cremation urns

UrbanRIP is rooted in the design of traditional modernism, our ash sharing cremation urns are in the shape of an egg, because of its universal appeal – an egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope. Paired with a candlestick that provides a burning light which can be used to celebrate and bring comfort and warmth to the memory of our departed loved ones, on special occasions and every day.


Cremated ashes are protected inside a 3.2" tall stainless-steel Egg-Urn that weighs 1.1 pounds. Handcrafted in Toronto by Canadian artisans using U.S. steel, the sharable cremation urns are also designed with threadable and interchangeable components. Making our cremation urns modular, easy to create a personalized configuration and symbolize the healing process after a loss. Each part is made from a solid block of high-quality corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant stainless steel, hand-fed through a CNC.

Our Candlesticks and cremation urns are polished by hand to achieve a mirror finish. The colour is flawless and perfectly even, because we coat each individual part with 4 mm of powder and then bake each part twice; this process also achieves incredible durability and high scratch resistance. Each Egg-Urn holds approximately 8 tsps of cremated ashes.

Each Egg-Urn and Candlestick goes through five individual quality control inspection stations, to ensure the standard of quality is one we can be proud of. In the final step, while wearing white cloth gloves, we place the Egg-Urns and Candlesticks into a custom-fit container, to ensure a safe journey to your front door.